10 Celebrities Getting into the Cannabusiness Game

10 Celebrities Getting into the Cannabusiness Game



Celebrities are famous for a reason, and whether it be good or bad, it’s almost always savvy. These 10 celebrities have signed on to marijuana projects and are trying to cash in on this $40 billion industry!

1.  Snoop Dogg

Whether it be Leafs by Snoop or his delivery service investment, Snoop is looking to make a lot of green off this green rush, to literally no surprise to anyone.

2.  The Marley Family

So this isn’t a real surprise either. In fact, the Marley family were probably the first celebrities to endorse legal marijuana with their Marley Natural.

3.  Woody Harrelson

You may remember our story about Woody Harrelson vying to own a dispensary in Hawaii, followed by our desperate plea for him to make a movie about it after!

4.  Whoopi Goldberg

In probably the newest celebrity news, Whoopi is trying to ease menstrual cramps with her new marijuana venture.

5.  Wiz Khalifa

With his own line of Raw papers, Wiz is already in the weed game. But, according to Xpose, Wiz unveiled marijuana emojis yesterday just in time for 4/20.

6.  Roseanne Barr

Roseanne is opening Roseanne’s Joint, a medical marijuana dispensary in California.

7.  The Game

The Game has partnered up with G Farma Brands to launch a line of weed-infused beverages called G Drinks — and if you follow him on Instagram, you already know all about this.

8.  Willie Nelson

Willie has launched his own brand of marijuana, Willie’s Reserve.

9.  Dick Wolf

This one’s a curveball. Dick Wolf, creator of the Law & Order franchise, has invested in DigiPath, a marijuana testing service.

10.  Cliff Robinson

Robinson got suspended for marijuana twice during his NBA career and is now coming out with a marijuana label geared towards athletes.