Washington Regulator Adopts Final Pot Rules

Washington regulator adopts final pot rules

SEATTLE, WA — The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced that it has adopted final rules to regulate the legal cannabis industry. The agency will file a formal document, called a CR 103, later this week. In a bit of a stoner move, the agency accidently announced that it had already formally filed that document—"ya man, I totally took care of that"—and had to issue a corrected press release.

“Over these last several months we have put together a comprehensive system of rules which will serve as the foundation for this new industry,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “This has been a very open process of rule-making with public involvement each step of the way. We appreciate all the support and involvement we’ve had from Gov. Inslee, local officials, law enforcement, industry members and Washington citizens along the way.”

Other pot industry players agreed that the liquor board deserves a pat on the back. "It's a huge undertaking, and the board has been extremely fair," cannabis business attorney Hilary Bricken told the Associated Press.

The liquor board plans to start taking applications for retail pot shops and legal grows starting November 18, and stores are expected to open in mid-2014.