Best of 2013 Outdoor Marijuana Crop Coming In

Best of 2013 Outdoor Marijuana Crop Coming In

A Clean Green-certified outdoor medical cannabis garden in Humboldt County, CA. (2013/courtesy of Chris Van Hook, Clean Green)

It's harvest season in the Bay Area, and a glut of outdoor-grown cannabis is hitting the market. The 2013 crop is bigger and better, but more conflict-ridden than years past, experts say.
More people planted personal gardens, more greenhouses are protecting crops, and the outdoor season is running longer due to the massive adoption of light-deprivation techniques. But the outcry over the environmental harms of both legal and illegal growing has reached a fever-pitch, and organic/sustainable weed continues to make in-roads in the market thanks to increased demand, coupled with third-party verfication systems like Clean Green.
Deals will abound in the coming weeks. The Yerba Buena chain of medical marijuana dispensaries is advertising $180 ounces which normally retail for up to 360. Harborside Health Center in Oakland has deals on MTG Cheese Bomb Sun Grown for $30 per eighth-ounce, or up to half-off normal prices. The outdoor stock at Berkeley Patients Group in Berkeley remains excellent with Sun Grown Sour Diesel at $35 an eighth. And in San Francisco, SPARC's greenhouse-grown Blueberry is running $60 per quarter-ounce, instead of $80 or $90. Their CBD-rich Omrita Rx3 CBD  (9% CBD, 9% THC) is running $60 per quarter-ounce.