Blackout X Dry Herb+ v2.0: 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Blackout X Dry Herb+ v2.0: 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Dry Herb+ v2.0

The most reliable and affordable vape pen on the market is a 3-in-1 vaporizer from Blackout X. It will deliver calm, smooth hits for dry herb, oil, and waxy concentrates. Other reviews have left us wanting more in a 3-in-1 pen, and we are here to find one suitable to everyone’s needs. Let's take a closer look.


The Blackout X pen is quite stunning. It's about the size of a medium cigar and features a simple yet futuristic design. Everything about the pen and its packaging was created with style in mind. The pen and accessories fit perfectly snug in the box, but the package is not impossible to reconfigure. This allows for you to reuse the box and packaging for storage. If the function and smokability of the Dry Herb+ v2.0 match the look and feel, we may have a winner on our hands. Shall we try it out?


Once inside the box, the Dry Herb+ v2.0 comes with everything you need to smoke. No expense was spared with the accessories.

1 - Dry Herb+ v2.0 Uni-body Vaporizer 

1 - Rubberized Mouthpiece w/ Removable Filter Screen

1 - Liquid/Wax Drop-In Cup

1 - Packing Tool

1 - Built in 1300 mAh battery

1 - Cleaning Brush

1 - Instruction Manual

1 - Micro USB Charging Cable

Note the attention to detail. Each accessory is branded and can be used on many other pieces as well. Like we said before, Blackout didn’t spare any expense.


The vape pen is incredibly easy to use. Once your desired chamber (flower, wax, oil) is placed into the pen, the mouthpiece clicks on top. Once the mouthpiece is locked in, tap the function button three times. This will turn on the Dry Herb+ v2.0 and start the device heating to its usable temperature setting: 390F. This takes about 30-45 seconds. (Super quick, I know.) Then it's just puff and enjoy!

For flower use, grind your weed (we used some outdoor Fire OG) and pack it into pen. Be careful not to over-pack, which would obstruct airflow. Once your vape’s light turns from red to green, smoke and enjoy. We found the pull to be smooth and the temperature to be mild. This is an easy pen to enjoy flower with just about anywhere.

Smoking concentrates with the Dry Herb+ v2.0 seemed almost too easy. Once our wax was in the cup, we dropped it into the pen's weed chamber, closed the mouthpiece, waited 30 seconds, and began smoking. If you’re in need of the benefits that come from smoking concentrates but scared of torches and dabs, this pen will make your life so much easier. Using two different types of wax from Zlixir (Headband crumble and OG shatter) didn’t phase the pen at all, and it was extremely easy to reload. We highly recommend this pen for concentrate use.


The Blackout X Dry Herb+ v2.0 lives up to the hype and should be at the top of your list for its affordability and ease of use. High praise for the guys at Blackout X!

$99.99 (use code NUG25X for $25 off)

Overall Rating

Flower: 4.5/5

Wax + Oil: 5/5

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