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I know what you’re thinking: “An online store for weed sounds too good to be true.” Until about a week ago, I would have agreed with you—but that all changed when the fine people here at The Smoking Bud introduced me to

In the past I have dabbled with home-delivered cannabis, but just like you, I thought they were either: a) too sketchy, b) too expensive, or c) all of the above.

When I was finally approved for medicinal marijuana (take that, rheumatoid arthritis!) not only were the prices more expensive due to shipping and handling, but the packages they came in weren’t the most discreet. (Especially when your mother signs a package for you that reads “CANNABIS” sprawled across it in big red writing.) The only advantage really was that they had a pretty good selection that included edibles and concentrates—products that are usually hard to find in Alberta, Canada. Then Buy My Weed came along, and everything changed. I felt like Neo after he decided to take the red pill in The Matrix.

Buy My Weed is a Canadian company that does exactly what the titles says: you can buy medicinal marijuana online and have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Canada. It promises a wide range of cannabis products, including edibles and concentrates, at the lowest prices on the internet.

This is how I imagine the CEO of Buy My Weed.


·      Trustworthy – It’s not a scam, trap, or religious cult. THEY WILL DELIVER WEED TO YOUR DOOR!

·      Low prices – Any orders $99 or more include free shipping.

·      Fast service – Get your weed delivered quickly with 2-day shipping.

·      Discreet – Packages arrive in standard Xpress envelopes that DON’T have big red letters that say “CANNABIS” sprawled across it

·      Good selection – Cannabis and edibles and concentrates, OH MY!

·      Potent product – The strain I purchased was called Gods Green Crack (AAA). Labelled as a balanced hybrid, GGC was able to help with my arthritis pain but not put me to sleep, even while vaping it through four episodes of  The X-Files.

·      Easy to use – They grade their products from AAAA (the strongest) to –A (the not-so-strong stuff).

·      No waiting period – Once you sign up and confirm you are over the age of 19, you are free to start shopping.

·      No credit cards needed – They accept email money transfers and Bitcoin!



A world with Buy My Weed.

From their sleek and easy-to-use website layout to their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can see that the people behind Buy My Weed are a group of hard-working professionals who are seriously dedicated to providing Canada with the highest quality medical marijuana. This was my first good experience with mail-order weed, and with Buy My Weed, it definitely won’t be my last. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company—and what kind of strains this company will hold in the future.

Happy shopping!


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