California Weed Outsells Other States Including CO & WA

California Legal Weed Outsells All Other States Including Colorado & Washington

In spite of last year’s legalization of recreational weed in Colorado and Washington, another state has yet again come out on top of the weed market: California.

In 2014, California did $1.127 billion in legal weed sales, meaning just in the medical marijuana trade. Colorado, nicknamed the weed capital of the U.S., came in a not-so-close second with $801.9 million legal weed sales (combining medical and recreational). Washington was third with $316.2 million, followed by Arizona with $155 million and Michigan with $65.8 million in legal weed sales.

California is indeed the most populated state in the U.S. with 38.8 million residents while Colorado comes in 22nd with 5.6 million, and there are more dispensaries in the Los Angeles area than in Colorado and Washington combined. But the margin by which Cali outsells the location of the nation’s “Green Rush” is still surprising, and it makes you wonder just how much weed the Golden State will sell when it’s (fingers crossed) legalized in 2016.