Colorado Ski Resorts Warn Against Weed

Colorado Ski Resorts Warn Against Weed

While just about everyone in Colorado is brimming with anticipation for legal recreational marijuana for the new year, one unlikely source has emerged as the Debbie Downer against it: ski resorts.

Fox News reports that while tourism companies are welcoming the new law with open arms, ski resorts represented by Colorado Ski Country USA don't want to mix snow with weed.

“We are being proactive in educating the public in what to expect when they come to Colorado to ski,” says Colorado Ski Country representative Jennifer Rudolph. “We’re getting the word out that we have a lot of things to offer guests, but smoking marijuana is not one of them. We have so much to offer our guests that outweigh the legality of possession of marijuana.”

Despite the legality of recreational marijuana in the state, it is still illegal to smoke in public and federal land, where 90 percent of the state's ski resorts are located. Getting caught could result in a revoked pass.