Colorado's Weed Tracking System Is Orwellian, Expensive, Unwieldy

Colorado Officials Introduce "Seed-To-Sale" Marijuana Tracking System

Earlier this week Colorado officials introduced the Marijuana Inventory Tracking System, which is designed to track every plant and marijuana product through a small ID chip inside a tag that has a retail or medical marijuana license number, plus a product serial number on it. A database will track the plants or products from their point of origination to their point of sale, much the way big retailers track their inventory. Officials hope this system will keep some legal marijuana out of the black market.

Retailers and dispensary operators in the state are mostly approving of the system, but less than approving of its cost to implement. Officials say they are just looking to get the system up and running and will attempt to bring down the costs in the future.

Many may remember that previous attempts at implementing this technology in Colorado ended in failure.