Eaze-ily Get Your Medical Marijuana Prescription from Home

Ease-ily Get Your Medical Marijuana Prescription from Home

Everybody's favorite weed delivery app, Eaze, has just stepped up the medical marijuana game. That is saying something considering how they already provide such good service — weed delivered for as little as $25 an eighth in less than 15 minutes — that it has garnered a healthy amount of investment, including funding from Snoop Dogg. While Eaze has yet to capitalize on the cool $1.5 million spent on their drone delivery program, the "Uber of Weed" has just gotten a bit more full service.

Sure, you can order weed using an app on your phone and Eaze will roll up just ten minutes later, but what if you have yet to get your prescription or need to renew your doctor's recommendation after a trip away from home? Now, EazeMD provides Californians with a method to transfer their medical information to a licensed physician who can diagnose one's condition and recommend medical marijuana for as little as $30.

In what now seems like an obvious business decision, once verified as a medical marijuana patient, Eaze provides for immediate satisfaction allowing orders directly after confirmation. If you are the social type and have the ability to balance the ease of a push of a button with regular, ordinary interactions with people, Eaze will also mail you a hard copy of your physician's recommendation to use at dispensaries in person. 

While some might say making the process of getting your medical marijuana card even easier borders on misuse or at least opens itself up to the possibility, that is incredibly nearsighted. It is an old song from anti-reformers. Medical marijuana reform might make itself available to people who are not particularly hurting, but increased access for legitimate patients is the goal — calling it abuse also requires a victim, of which medical marijuana has none. 

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