Economists Recommend Reducing Work Week to 30 Hours

Economists Recommend Reducing Work Week to 30-Hours

Economists have finally figured out what we and the Workaholics have known all along -- everything's much better when you work less.

According to a report from the Telegraph, a new book by the New Economics Foundation claims cutting the work week to 30 hours and increasing the minimum wage would improve well-being, family life, friendships and communities.

The book looks to the Netherlands and Germany as examples of places that have made changes to work policies -- such as giving more time off to workers instead of pay raises, and four-day schedules for people just starting out in the job market -- without weakening the economy.

"A shorter working week would both ease the pressure on caregivers, most of whom are women, and enable their responsibilities to be more widely shared with men. It could therefore help tackle the entrenched domestic bases of gender inequalities," claim experts from the book.