Facebook Shuts Down Several Medical Marijuana Dispensary Pages

Facebook Shuts Down Several Medical Marijuana Dispensary Pages

Recently Facebook has seen fit to shut down the pages of several medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey. Claiming that the pages violated Facebook’s community standards, FB deleted them, leaving patients with a lot of questions.

"It's doing a real disservice to the patients of New Jersey," said Peter Rosenfeld, a board member of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana, New Jersey, about the page removals. "They're treating it like they're selling marijuana illegally when it's a fully sanctioned nonprofit that's controlled and regulated by the state of New Jersey."

Facebook has never been terribly friendly when it comes to cannabis business of any kind. This no doubt has a lot to do with federal law and Facebook’s fear of crossing the feds. Why else would they alienate users and turn away money from marijuana businesses for advertising?

Sadly, not only are the dispensaries hurt, but so are the patients who rely on Facebook posts to know when the strain they need is in stock. With supplies limited, this information can be vital.

Of course I can go on and on about how federal law needs to change, but the bottom line is Facebook needs to make this right. What do they think is going to happen? Will the feds raid the Facebook offices because some medical marijuana dispensaries that are legal in the state of New Jersey have pages?

The only other explanation is that some people at Facebook have a problem with cannabis being legal, even for medical purposes. Not only an extreme position to take in this day and age, but bad for business as well. Dispensaries have a lot of money and very few venues to advertise in, but it’s hard to buy advertising on a site that has deleted your page.