First Legal Seattle Marijuana Grow Goes Up in Flames

First Legal Seattle Marijuana Grow Goes Up in Flames

The first legal grow operation in Seattle went up in flames early this morning as a fire prematurely ignited an estimated 3,000 marijuana plants, destroying the entire harvest and severely damaging the building and equipment. No injuries were reported.

Sea of Green Farms in Magnolia gained attention when it opened as the first legal grow in Seattle and one of the first in Washington State. The operation is considered a Tier 2 Producer, meaning it’s allowed to have between 2,000 sq. ft. and 10,000 sq. ft. of plant canopy.

Firefighters say the fire was unintentional and was apparently caused by electrical wiring. It was difficult for firefighters to get in and fight the fire due to the facility’s extensive security, though the flames are now extinguished. Damage to the building and equipment is estimated at $250,000, not counting the loss of plants and product.

Firefighters wore standard masks while fighting the flames, and were not affected by the marijuana smoke, according to the Seattle Fire Department.

“The building is ventilated upward, so all the smoke went up into the air,” said spokesman Kyle Moore.

Good thing, too — who knows how long it would have lasted if firefighters had needed snack breaks?