Forced From Most Advertising Outlets, Marijuana Businesses Look for New Ways to Promote

Forced From Most Advertising Outlets, Marijuana Businesses Look for New Ways to Promote

Starting a new business is difficult; so difficult that most new businesses will fail within 2 years. Even if you have the capital for labor, equipment, a location to set up shop, etc., you are left with one overriding dilemma: no one knows you exist.

You have to get the word out. This can be especially difficult in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Not only is the new industry being flooded with entrepreneurs who see its immense potential, but because of the stigma that surrounds the cannabis plant itself, most traditional outlets of advertising are not available to cannabusinesses.

It will be up to business owners in the cannabis industry to get more creative and aggressive when it comes to alternate forms of advertising. And a lot of them focus on the Internet.

Most cannabis users are young and young people dominate the Internet. That’s why whenever President Obama has asked for questions in some sort of online forum, one of the top questions inevitably deals with marijuana legalization.

This is also why Internet advertising is crucial to businesses in the cannabis industry; it’s a great way to get their name or brand in front of a large amount of existing cannabis consumers. After all, many of the websites and entertainment vehicles these companies choose for advertising have a large built-in audience that they want to reach. When it comes to the cannabis industry, not only is the Internet one of the only options available, it is also probably the best option in terms of targeting a specific “420 friendly” audience.

In the end, it is the traditional advertising outlets that are missing out. As the U.S economy continues to struggle, the cannabis industry is one of the few left that has pretty much guaranteed growth going forward.

Some just can’t adapt to change. In business, an inability to change is usually fatal.