How You Can Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

How You Can Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry

It’s no secret that the marijuana industry is burgeoning. From budtenders to green lawyers, there seems to be a need out there for every type of person. Clearly, for a stoner, working in the cannabis industry would be a dream job, but we’re willing to bet that a lot of people out there don’t know how to attain it. We’re here to help.

Currently, there are 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana, four (and DC) that have legalized recreational marijuana, and the prediction for legalization in 2016 is very promising.  According to The Weed Blog, “There is a growing need for accountants, marketers, ad sales staff, graphic designers, web developers, software engineers, and many other professional jobs that most people don’t associate with the marijuana industry.”

Much like any other career path, the easiest way to get your dream job in cannabis culture is to know somebody. And if you don’t know somebody, maybe someone you know knows somebody. Think real long and hard about the connections you might have.

Also, you may have to be prepared to move. Depending on the type of job you are seeking, the West may be calling your name. You also may need to work, well, pro bono at first. Think of it as a really good way to show off your skills while feeling good about yourself.

One major tip The Weed Blog gives is “Don’t over-promise.”  Basically, don’t write checks your ass can’t cash. It’s really hard to get another job in the industry if you get a bad reputation.

The Weed Blog also advises to use caution when committing to a major position or moving across country. There are some people out there who will use and abuse you, and then “leave you under a bus.” Do you research about the company and get as much in writing as you can.

Now, if you’re serious about your new career, check out or for possible job listings in your area.