If Using Cannabis Is So Destructive, Why Have So Many Successful CEOs Used It?

If Using Cannabis Is So Destructive, Why Have So Many Successful CEOs Used It?

Weed makes you lazy and unmotivated. It kills your brain cells and lowers your IQ. It’s what we have been told all of our lives by those who supposedly know better than we do.

There is no doubt that many lazy people smoke marijuana. But if marijuana made you lazy then everyone who uses it would be lazy, and that’s just not the case. We all know several presidents of the United States have admitted to smoking weed. What you may not know is that several very successful CEOs have admitted to using cannabis as well.

People like Richard Branson and George Zimmer have been in the news quite a bit for their views on marijuana and their openness about their use. Hugh Hefner is known for his support of cannabis going back to the 1970s and has extolled its virtues in the bedroom.

But how did these men become so successful? How did men like Peter Lewis (former Progressive CEO) make the decision to use medical marijuana later in life? Didn’t they hear about how dangerous cannabis is? Don’t they know it will make you lazy and unmotivated?

The point of all this, of course, is that cannabis use doesn’t make anyone lazy and can be found in all walks of life — doctors, lawyers, teachers, construction workers, presidents, CEOs, etc. Cannabis use clearly doesn’t prevent all these people from being successful and doing their jobs.

The lies that make up the foundation of cannabis prohibition are crumbling more every day. When CEOs are using cannabis and being open about it, can serving politicians be far behind? And when cannabis is legal and everyone who uses it can admit doing so, can there be a greater expression of freedom?