Lab Fires Back Regarding Marijuana Recalls

Lab Fires Back Regarding Marijuana Recalls

You may have heard that thanks to statewide legalization, the Department of Health in Denver has the ability to recall marijuana and its infused products. It is a difficult situation, not having federal support in funding for research and huge administration resources like the FDA. As Colorado struggles to blaze a path for the rest of us while it formulates a strategy for fair regulation, producers and those who monitor them have begun to point fingers

It is a bit strange that when we hear about these recalls, EdiPure is often the subject. While it is not entirely clear how valid this list of banned pesticides is, the fact is that recalls cost everyone in the name of consumer safety. After EdiPure accused GobiAnalytical, the lab contracted by the Department of Health for product testing, they fired right back and have now gone to issue a more eloquent statement. 

Their message is clear: "We don't want anyone recalled." And, really, why should they? If they are contracted to test all of these products, they have the job no matter the results of those tests. 

They start that "Gobi Analytical advocates and supports legal marijuana use and is proud to be a part of a growing industry that raises millions of dollars in tax revenue and employs thousands of people across the state of Colorado," and that they endeavored to reduce the wait time to a fraction of the quarantine required by the Department of Agriculture. 

After explaining their industry-wide testing methods and noting the lack of federal support, they conclude that they will continue to do their best in the absence of another solution.

"Consumer safety comes first, but we also support marijuana grown with pesticides and fungicides used in a responsible and ethical manner. For instance, food that we buy every day in supermarkets abides by EPA and FDA standards, which regulate safe use of pesticides by monitoring that products test within a set allowable threshold in the parts per million range."

I have said it before, but Colorado is doing its best without the benefit of someone else's framework. As soon as legalization becomes widespread, we can all do our part in providing safe access for each other.