Medical Cannabis Company Stands Up to Tech Advertising Ban

Medical Cannabis Company Stands Up to Tech Advertising Ban

(Biz Journals)

Those who own a business or organization that operates within the cannabis industry or culture cannot advertise in the traditional manner that other businesses in other industries can, which includes not being able to advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads.

Over the past several years, there have even been businesses who have had their Facebook accounts taken down. These businesses being denied the ability to advertise on these platforms is due to advertising policies not allowing for advertisements promoting illegal drugs. Unfortunately, cannabis is still classified under these policies as an illegal drug even in the states where it is legal. This is because of the federal prohibition that still stands strong.

One company, though, is fed up and taking a stand against these tech giants to have them change their policies in regard to businesses within the cannabis industry not being able to advertise or share information. Vireo Health is a medical cannabis company based out of New York that recently had ads denied by Google. Vireo Health is taking action to fight back and have the policies preventing advertisements changed. There is no word yet about the outcome of their fight, but we will keep you updated on the right for cannabusinesses to advertise on a national platform. Vireo Health, we salute you for being a green leaf warrior!