Oregon Dispensaries Can Finally Sell Marijuana Edibles & Extracts

Oregon Dispensaries Can Finally Sell Marijuana Edibles & Extracts

As of Thursday, anyone 21 and older can now buy marijuana edibles and extracts at recreational dispensaries. (Cue the media freaking out about children, dogs, etc.)

While it may come as a surprise that it took this long to enact, the state has been hyper-vigilant in creating its regulated marketplace for legal weed. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which handles marijuana regulation, has taken time and public opinion into account with each step towards the full recreational legalization Oregonians voted in almost two years ago. In fact, there aren’t even any standalone recreational dispensaries yet; as of now, recreational weed is only sold in previously established medical marijuana dispensaries, and unless you were a patient, edibles and extracts were off limits.

An even more ridiculously regulation: Oregon plans to only allow 5 milligrams of THC per individual edible product, and a “package of marijuana-infused edibles” such as a chocolate bar or bag of cookies can only contain up to 50 milligrams total. That’s half of what’s allowed in Colorado and Washington. Luckily for these early sales, those rules don’t yet apply and you should be able to find individual edibles with up to 15 milligrams of THC, so stock up (but don’t forget to check expiration dates).

Oregon marijuana business owners are excited to finally be able to access an integral part of the legal weed market. Let’s see what kind of goodies Oregon brings to the table!