Recreational Weed Sales Grew 232% in 2015

Recreational Weed Sales Grew 232% in 2015

Legal recreational weed sales grew 232% in 2015, making marijuana one of the nation’s fastest growing sectors, according to a report from the cannabis industry data and analysis firm New Frontier.

Coming in second was the electric vehicle industry, which grew by 222% last year, followed (by a large margin) by the solar panel installation industry, which grew 60%, and the Big Data sector, which grew 40%.

The cannabis industry as a whole (recreational and medical combined) still grew an impressive 31% in 2015.

According to New Frontier, “With strong consumer demand, rapid expansion into new states, and growing public support for national legalization, the legal cannabis industry is poised to be a leading growth market for the years to come.”

Looks like we chose a good place to be.