Sizable Donation from First Pot Auction Rejected by School District, Boys & Girls Club

Donations From First Pot Auction, Finally Finds a Home

Last month we told you about the history-making marijuana auction in Washington State. The small cannabis farm sold about 300 pounds of various grades of its outdoor marijuana to state-licensed processors and retailers. Once all was said and done, the long day of auctioning off half-pound all the way up to five pound lots netted Fireweed Farms an estimated $600,000.

From the start of this whole history-making venture, Randy Williams, the grower/owner/brain-trust of Fireweed Farms, had intended to donate a portion of the auction proceeds to the school district that shares the same county as the cannabis farm. However, the school Superintendent turned down the $14,000 donation, saying accepting the money would send the wrong message about marijuana.

Um, what message is that? That cannabis cultivators can be charitable, responsible citizens who function within the law and pay their taxes? Tax funds I'm sure the school will have no problem accepting, so why the double standard?

Anyways, after that, Williams tried to donate the $14,000 to the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club, but in similar fashion they also sent Williams and his big check packing.

In the end, the money did find a pair of good homes. Williams gave $1,000 to the local VFW and the other $13,000 to a family that was desperately in need. Since news of the unwanted donation money has gotten around, Williams now has no shortage of those with their hands out, as he says his phone now rings off the hook.