Social Cannabis Clubs & Cafes May Soon Be a Reality in Denver

Social Cannabis Clubs & Cafes May Soon Be a Reality in Denver

(NY Daily News)

Denver may get a chance to vote on private marijuana social clubs in the near future. The Denver chapter of NORML released the text for an initiative that they are introducing to the City Council that would legalize private marijuana social clubs within the city limits, giving those over the age of 21 a place to consume cannabis with like-minded individuals outside of their own homes. This would also solve the issue of public consumption for tourists, who may be prohibited from smoking weed in the hotels or places they stay at.

This is a change that advocates in the state have been fighting for since legalization for recreational consumption took effect in 2014. They believe cannabis consumers should be able to enjoy partaking in cannabis consumption with others in social settings, and that is what this initiative is hoping to bring to the city. Once the legislation text is approved by city council, members of Denver NORML and other volunteers can begin gathering the required signatures to put it on the ballot for the people to vote on later this year.

If passed, these private marijuana social clubs would only be a place for consumers to socialize and partake in a toke. These businesses would not be able to distribute or sell cannabis products on the premises. This legislation would also allow for events that are planned within the city to file for permits that would allow for adult consumption in public during the event if approved.