Tommy Chong Promotes New Line of MMJ Products at Arizona Festival

Tommy Chong Promotes New Line of MMJ Products at Arizona Festival

The Arizona Cannabis for Wellness Festival had an extra special guest this weekend, as longtime marijuana activist and cannabis comedian Tommy Chong was in town to help promote the event that seeks wellness and a better understanding of the effects of medical marijuana. The festival was held Saturday at the Encanto Green Cross dispensary in Phoenix.

Unfortunately for those of us who want to live in a perfect world and believe celebrities do things just out of the kindness of their hearts (or 'wellness' in this case), I have some bad news for you. Chong, who is well known for his pot-fueled exploits in the classic ’70s to ’80s "Cheech and Chong" comedy movie series, was not just there to chime in on the Arizona medical marijuana system and show solidarity with his fellow smokers.

I mean as much as I admire the man and his body of work, he like so many other celebrities lately was just trying to get in on the growing global 'green rush.'

Maybe Chong believes in the cause deep down… And maybe he doesn't, as he took most of his time promoting his own brand of wellness medical marijuana products.

"It makes you feel good, that's what medicine's supposed to do,” Chong said. “Medicine’s supposed to make you feel good. Cannabis does it in such a way that it doesn't harm other parts of your body while you're doing it.”

So far, looks like things are looking up for Mr. Chong, as just yesterday his brand of medical marijuana products got a distribution deal to be in MMJ dispensaries throughout the state — a nice victory for the elder statesman of cannabis.