Washington's New Pot Advertising Rules: Did the Grinch Write These?

Washington's New Pot Advertising Rules: Did the Grinch Write These?

Washington’s new rules and regulations for recreational cannabis advertising are quite restrictive, to say the least.

The state’s Liquor Control Board recently released a long-winded PDF laying down their rules for store signage, events, and sponsorships.

Good luck trying to convey to customers that you even sell pot, as all state-licensed stores are limited to just one lonely 1,600 square-inch sign. Moreover, the sign is not allowed to have any visual references to marijuana, including pot leaves. Shops won’t even be able to put up anything at all on their windows due to the one-sign limit. Not even painted graphics or store announcements, and certainly not any product displays.

It’s understandable that the state doesn’t want to see cartoonish versions of Santa smoking a blunt, which recently troubled Los Angeles residents living nearby the Harbor House of Dank. But not allowing a subtle leaf sounds a bit overreaching.

Store fronts are just the beginning. Legal recreational stores are also not allowed to enter products into competitions like the Seattle Cannabis Cup or other similar events, nor will competitions be able to host sales of legal recreational cannabis. Stores are allowed to throw their own 21 and over private events, but aren’t allowed to even sell or provide marijuana. Stores are also not allowed to talk about or advertise the indisputable medical effects of cannabis strains, which include relief from chronic, untreatable pain, nausea, spasticity and much more. The archaic guidelines also forbid the use of online ordering for store pick-up, and even the sale of gift certificates.

Check out more ridiculous limitations in the five-page set of rules online, or just go to Colorado for a far less Draconian atmosphere.

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.