World's First Marijuana Gym to Open in San Francisco

World's First Marijuana Gym to Open in San Francisco

In November 2016, the worlds of marijuana and fitness will finally come together in a union that perhaps nobody thought was possible. While we know that toking up before you get swole could be a good combination, leave it to the grass-loving Ricky Williams, a retired NFL player.

Williams tested positive for marijuana in 2004, and was also found guilty of violating the drug policy of the NFL in 2006. He has long been a proponent of how he feels pot can actually benefit NFL players, and hasn’t shied away from speaking out about it. Williams played again in 2007 until his retirement in 2012.

Aptly named Power Plant Fitness, the gym’s unique selling point is that it encourages guests to get high before they work out. Customers can choose to consume edibles or use a vape, giving it the prestige of being the world’s first and only cannabis-friendly fitness center thus far. Later on, an outdoor deck for smoking will also be added since smoking inside establishments is still forbidden in San Francisco.

I personally love the idea behind putting up the establishment; as indicated in the press release, Power Plant Fitness aims to crush stereotypes of stoners being lazy couch potatoes.  Williams’ partner, Jim McAlpine, will also help in running the pot fitness show. McAlpine adds, “We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.” He also adds that the gym won’t exactly be the place where fitness enthusiasts to go and get high because they will have a focus on athleticism particularly through procedures such as the cannabis performance assessments which are designed to inject some science into the use of marijuana for gym goers. McAlpine also said that through their services they will be helping gym members discover how they can ingest cannabis more efficiently.

Aside from being the perfect place to work out the calories consumed from your last munchies session, Power Plant Fitness will also create their own edibles designed to enhance workouts and speed up recovery post workout. But in order for the facility to get into business, they need to first register as a dispensary, just like other neighborhood dispensaries that offer medicinal marijuana. Once it is registered as a dispensary, it will not be able to profit from the gym services.

A gym safe enough for getting high before you workout? Of course it had to happen in San Francisco.