Afterlife OG Strain Review

Afterlife OG Strain Review

Form: Joint

Strain: Afterlife OG

Grower: Green Life Products

Dispensary: Oasis Medical


Appearance: A

Aroma: A

‪‎Taste: B+

Potency: D

Effect: D

Duration: D

Price: A-

Overall: C-


Appearance – This looked like a nearly perfect roll. Seemed to be packed just right, not too tight and not too loose. This is packed in a perfect cone shape with a RAW paper.

Aroma – This joint had an amazing aroma for a joint, which is usually muted by the paper it’s rolled in. The smell of sweet pine sings to my nose and dominates this gorgeous aroma. I also detect just a hint of spice.

Taste – The taste is also well above average! A nice smooth smoky wood flavor is accompanied by a mild touch of spice.

Potency – A little mild on the potency factor. Not something that’s going to pop you in the face. This might be better for someone looking for a high that’s a little more mellow.

Effect – This is more of a mild strain in general. The headiness of this buzz remains mostly clear and has a mild body high. You just in general feel good, but nothing really stands out. I would say that the happiness and euphoria are medium to low. This is a 70/30 Indica feel with a mild but short-lived bout of anxious feelings.

Duration – Duration is also a little on the short side.

Price – At $10 dollars out the door (tax included), this is a great deal!

Overall – This is a well-priced product at $10 for a pre-rolled joint weighing in at 0.7 grams. These joints for me are a little on the large side and often are better for sharing or smoking in two sessions. The good and where this product excelled was with Taste, Aroma and Appearance. The bad was the fact that the buzz was more mild and the high was short lived. This would be better for someone looking to get back into smoking or only needs a buzz. The effect is nice overall but could have used more of it.

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