Bruce Banner Strain Review

Bruce Banner Strain Review

Name: Bruce Banner

Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)

Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel


Bruce Banner is a great example of a strain which gained notoriety thanks largely to word of mouth, right as social media websites were really coming into their own within the MMJ community. This early media buzz made Bruce Banner a must-have on the exploding Colorado cannabis scene. A true Colorado original strain, the Bruce Banner family line is comprised of probably the most famous strain in the world, OG Kush, and Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel). The initial pollination took place in 2009 and was soon released to the public by Delta 9 Caretakers in early 2010.

Interestingly enough, there were originally five phenotypes of Bruce Banner. Almost immediately, the #2 and #4 phenotypes were lost, leaving only the #1, #3, and #5 cuts remaining, each with distinct characteristics. The Bruce Banner #1, or just Bruce Banner phenotype, is a mix of the two parent strains; the #3 is the most OG Kush dominant; and the #5 is the Strawberry Diesel dominant phenotype. The #1 and #3 cuts are much more popular and easy to find than the #5, although I've tried all three and the #5 is definitely still fire!

In fact this strain was so popular back in 2010, the Banner craze had a line out the door that wrapped around the corner of the Delta 9 dispensary. A deli-style ticket system and a 3.5-gram maximum were put in place for the first few harvests in efforts to try and keep all customers satisfied and at least able to give the strain a try. A true creation of the dispensary era, it will no doubt endure for many more years thanks to its great lineage and positive qualities.

Looks and Smell

I've grown Bruce Banner on several occasions and it's just one of those strains that is simply gorgeous and amazing to look at while it is growing. Late in harvest, the leaves tend to turn a dark rich magenta color, which contrasts nicely with the bright lime green bud surfaces and deep red pistils. A very generous coating of large-headed trichromes leaves no surface untouched. The plant tends to have a more OG Kush appearance, with dense slightly rounded buds scattered across a somewhat lanky plant. No matter what the exact genetics of the Bruce Banner phenotype you come across at your local dispensary, whether it's #1, #3, or #5, a good Bruce Banner will have very dense buds and a sweet, potent, pungent smell. When breaking apart the buds, Bruce Banner gives off a complex, sweet, fruity, ginger spice, fuel aroma, which takes nicely after both parents. The added dose of sweetness from the Strawberry Diesel brightens up the OG Kush without completely taking away the fuel skunk qualities that OG lovers seek out.

The Smoke

The flavor of the Bruce Banner strain is much the same as the aroma from the buds, but adds a strong element of earthiness while the sweetness takes somewhat of a backseat. I have found that the effects of Bruce Banner really depend on harvest time—this strain more so than others I have dealt with really needs to have the trichromes scoped (looked at under some kind of magnifying instrument) to gage the correct harvest time. Harvest a little too early and the high can be very cerebral and borderline-racy experience, wait a bit longer to harvest (usually around 9-10 weeks) and the high has a much more relaxing effect. Generally it starts off with the sativa side taking control, with lots of eye and face warmth and slight pressure, a floaty body buzz, and an increase in heart rate. The burst of energy produced can be channeled into productivity, making Bruce Banner a daytime option, although the THC content (16%-23%) may be too much for low-tolerance smokers. The second half takes on a more relaxed feel, with more of the clear-headed relaxation that OG Kush is known and loved for.


4.5/5 Nugs

The Bruce Banner strain is a true Colorado original. Its phenomenal looks and smell coupled with the great balanced effects make for a great daytime or evening smoke session. The strain is unbelievably tasty, giving nods to both famous parents—you can taste and smell the Diesel as well as the OG Kush. Bruce Banner is one of those strains that can back up its ambitious Hulk-referencing name. This hybrid that leans more toward the sativa side has been found useful in treating depression, PTSD, inflammation, migraines, glaucoma, Parkinson's disease, nausea, minor pain, and anxiety. Although born and bred in Colorado, this strain is now making the rounds in many states, continually growing its legend. For those who love OG’s, but hate the low yields and longer grow times that true OG's often give, this is a great indoor strain, as the yield can be quite more than your typical OG or OG cross, and the plant can finish in as little as 9 weeks. The cream of the crop among the recent hybrid boom, I highly recommend this strain if you can get your hands on it.

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