Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis Plants Using Nets & Yo-Yos

Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis Plants with Nets & Yo-Yos

This was going to be a nets vs. yo-yos article, but I’ll tell you right now, using nets to help cultivate your cannabis is far more useful and helpful than just using yo-yos. That said, however, there is still a good use for your yo-yos; when combined with nets, you'll ensure the highest possible yield and quantity, so let’s take a look!

By supporting the heavy bud locations with nets and yo-yos, we can relieve the plant of having to give energy and time to strengthening its stocks. Instead, the nutrients can focus on bud production, resulting in higher quality product.

You can see when using the net, there is no obstruction, only support. As the plant grows and progresses, the net will be there as the nugs begin to weigh down the stock and stem of your plant. A great height I have found to set my net is between 30-40 inches from the top of the cube. Your net can be a good reference point in lollipopping your plants as well. When your plant gets 1/3 of its height above the line of the net, you can usually take everything off down from the net line. When moved from veg to flower into a tray with this net set up, the plant has ample time in its cycle to grow up to and through the net, utilizing its supportive capabilities. 

In this photo I want to show you how yo-yos can be used in conjunction with nets. You can use a yo-yo to single out specified branches you want to pull or train in certain directions. You truly do have the ability to bring the best attention and focus of light to each location when using both methods together. 

Where one works perfectly as intended to blindly support an entire tray of growing buds, the second allows you to personally see to it that no bud location gets left behind. More often than not, there are lower branches or bud sites that have not made it to the top of the net. By yo-yoing these sites, you can train specific branches to go to where they need.

Yo-yos by themselves are slightly difficult to work with. You have to fix them from a high point, so up and down a ladder is constant. Also when released from the plant, they shoot up, usually resulting in the hook of the yo-yo breaking. I have personally seen one released from a plant that was flung back into the light fixture, resulting in a shattered bulb with glass everywhere.

Nets all the way, just save a few yo-yos before you throw them all out. Four instead of twenty per tray while also using the net will keep you golden all day! Enjoy!