Golden Goat Strain Review

Golden Goat Strain Review

Form: Joint

Strain: Golden Goat

Grower: Deep Roots Harvest

Dispensary: Inyo Dispensary

Appears: D-
        Aroma: C
‪‎        Taste: B        
‪‎Potency: B+

Effect: A
        Duration: C-        
Price: A+
        Overall: B+

Appearance – The appearance of this joint was poor. The joint looked a little anemic and didn’t look to be packed correctly. The joint was appeared to be really small and did not look great.

Aroma – The aroma was pretty standard for a joint. I was able to smell the cannabis, but this was a strain that could have sat open in my pocket and I wouldn’t have worried too much. The little smell there was did smell pleasant but the paper masked most of the smell, which is standard with most joints.

Taste – The taste was quite nice. This was a really smooth smoke with zero burn feeling when smoked. A nice smooth pine and citrus taste accompanied this Goat.

Potency – The potency is really well done with this strain. One of those near perfect balances of getting the user intoxicated without getting overly baked.

Effect – This is where the Golden Goat really shines. A bright, clear, heady high that leaves me feeling euphoric and uplifted. One thing I was really impressed with is the ability and the desire to be creative. This is one of those strains where all of the sudden you realize you’re no longer high. There’s no progression to it, just all the sudden you’re not high anymore. This is the type of strain that would be great for really just about anything. From watching a movie to going hiking, this is a great strain any time and all the time! (Can you tell I’m impressed?)

Duration – The duration had a slightly shorter running time than your average strain.

Price – FREE 99! That’s right, I got this joint FOR FREE from Inyo Dispensary on Sahara. Right now FTPs (first time patients) receive a free joint from Deep Roots Harvest of their choice.

Overall – I mean…for free, what more can I say?! Tough to beat that price. This received such a high score because the effect is just short of perfect; although it is a bit short lived. The high is a bright and clear heady sativa high with a slight body buzz, which made this one of my favorite strains I have worked with in a while. Aroma was standard for a joint while the flavor was quite pleasant and well above average.