How to Properly Flush Your Cannabis Plants

How to Properly Flush Your Cannabis Plants for Higher Quality & Yield

(Medicinal Marijuana Association)

Flushing cannabis is a powerful process that cleans out your crops before harvest. Sometimes, depending on strain, plants start to accumulate and build up excess nutrient salts and other harmful substances that will decrease the overall outcome of your end product. Flushing your cannabis just before harvest will rid your plant's internal system of impurities and promote cleaner, safer crops for consumption. You will get tastier, sweeter smelling crops that are of a higher quality and can command top prices.

Ideally you will want to complete the cleanse 5 to 10 days before you harvest. For indoor, you will begin by draining your reservoir or water source, refilling it with fresh water, and adding in the desired flush product. (NOTE: be sure to use a cleansing product that is specifically designed for the type of plants you are growing. Different species of plants respond negatively to formulas that are not specific.) After adding your flush to the water source, continuously irrigate your plant's roots for up to six hours. This amount of irrigation time allows the roots and root zones to be thoroughly washed. After this step of the flush process is complete, drain your reservoir of all water and flush solution and refill it with clean water. No nutrients or supplements should be added to water supply from here until harvest time. 

When flushing outdoors, drop the wash time from 6 hours down to 2. Run lots of water evenly over soil to ensure a thorough cleaning. After the 2-hour flush, you will need to let the soil dry out completely, as to not waterlog your roots. Harmful build-up is a bigger risk in soil and outdoor growing, typically because the enhancement fertilizers used contain no crop cleansing properties. Also because nutrient supplements are added, compounding the issue of blockage at the root to the plant.

The flushing process can also be performed for other reasons and at other stages of plant life. For instance, in certain situations where root zones have become toxic with excess fertilizer salts, a half flush or mini-flush can be performed to re-balance pH and get back to a neutral root zone. By cutting the volume of flush solution and the cleanse time in half, you can achieve a mini-flush that just may pep up your plants.

Look at roots as long tubes extending down into the soil or medium. Imagine that they have little, smaller tubes and holes off that main tube. The job of these tubes (roots) and holes is to absorb food for the plant above. Now imagine that over time the holes and tubes become smaller and smaller, blocked by salts from nutrients the plant needs. A flush will stop that from happening. You can begin to see where a flush can truly bring life and vitality back into your plants. Life and vitality you may not have known could exist in a flowering plant! Greater taste, sweeter smell, and a higher potency. I think it’s time we all gave our cannabis a good flush!

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