Moonman's Mistress Chocolate Chip Crater Cookie Review

Moonman's Mistress Chocolate Chip Crater Cookie Review

Form: Chocolate Chip Crater Cookie (2 Pack)

Processor: Moonman’s Mistress

THC – 40mg (20mg per cookie)

CBD – Unknown mg

Taste: 4.5/5        Potency: 3.5/5

Effect: 4/5           Duration: 4/5

Overall: 16/20

Taste – I am always concerned about taste when I hear something is: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and possibly scariest of all? Low-glycemic (I wants the sugar)! However, I see why these are award-winning cookies. (Moonman’s Mistress won Best Edible from Edibles Magazine!) Looking at this lump of brown dough and chocolate chips make me wonder if this cookie will be dry… I am impressed that the Mistress was able to keep these cookies nice and moist, and the flavor is absolutely delicious. With very little cannabis flavor coming through and delicious chocolate chips all throughout, this is an edible’s company doing it right! I wouldn’t say these taste (texture-wise) like a regular chocolate chip cookie, they are different but in a good way. They’re slightly more doughy with the chocolate chips offering a slight tang from the darkness of the chocolate chips.

Potency – The potency is not overwhelming and offers a really nice stone without feeling overly sedated or spaced out. The potency is on point!

Effect – Like many edibles, this is much more of a body high and is really good for anyone that needs to relax. There’s a mild “brainscramble” that makes focusing on tasks somewhat difficult. This is something I would want to use for relaxing on the couch or after a tough day at work. This is a melting type of stone and would be good for anyone with pain. Not overly sedative but I know if I were to lie down I would get a nice sleep in. I also get a nice creative buzz that is good for writing and I feel like would go great with painting or some task where you can zone out.

Duration – This strain offered a solid 5-6 hour stone.

Overall – I can see why these edibles have won awards. The fact that Moonman’s Mistress is so incredibly clean is something that appeals to me personally. Using high-grade ingredients like: organic almond flower, organic maple syrup, and coconut oil (cannabis-infused, of course) is what really sets this company apart from the rest!

The Good: Delicious, a nice, relaxing, long-lasting high.

The Bad: Nothing was really bad about this, but if I had to pick I would say it could have been more potent.

The Excellent: I was concerned the taste would be off, but boy was I wrong! The flavor was fantastic and there was nearly zero cannabis taste.

Final Score: A-

Good for – Relaxing, Insomnia, Pain modulation, Depression, Anxiety