Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Grower: Green Life Products

Dispensary: Las Vegas ReLeaf

‪‎Strain: Strawberry Cough

Appearance: 3.8        Aroma: 4.4
‪‎        Taste: 4.1

‪‎Potency: 3.7        
‪‎Effect: 4.2
        Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours

Price: $40 for 1/8th
        Overall: 4.0

Appearance – The bud is really tightly packed and obviously well trimmed (flower only). A light green color with nice orange almost caramel-colored hairs make up this bud. The appearance to the naked eye is a little on the bland side. The crystal density is good.

Aroma – A beautiful dank earthy aroma that isn’t overly pungent seeps from this delicious smelling bud. A mild sweet smell of berries accompanies what is an otherwise deeply earthy smell.

Taste – This is another one of the places that this batch of Strawberry Cough excels. The taste has yummy earthy tones throughout. The smoke is smooth and this is clearly a well flushed and well cured product. This was a tasty strain!

Potency – This is a mostly mellow high that is not overly powerful. This could be a good strain for someone that wants a nice kick without soaring off into outer space. Nice high.

Effect – This effect is a 60/40 hybrid that has a mellowing effect. The euphoria is high and expect the munchies from this Cough! There is a smooth transition up and down and the duration is on the short side at 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Duration – 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Price – $40 an 1/8th

Overall – This is a great strain for a great deal. This isn’t a strain that’s overly powerful but overall has a really nice high. The kick is nice and the effect is really mellow. This isn’t something that’s going to take you into outer space and tends to have more of a hybrid effect for me with a nice body high that accompanies a nice mellow mental buzz. I enjoy the euphoria but man don’t smoke this if you’re trying to lose weight…. Sheesh! This is a steal at $40 an 1/8th.