Tahoe OG Strain Review

Tahoe OG Strain Review

Name: Tahoe OG

Type: Hybrid (slightly indica dominant)

Genetics: OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG)


The Tahoe OG strain is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid that leans slightly more towards the indica side (60% indica, 40% sativa). The strain is a cross between OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG). Tahoe OG was originally created by the Ganja Guru who lived in the Lake Tahoe area at the time of the strain’s inception. It’s hard to nail down an exact date, but we'll just say circa 1990s. As I said earlier the strain usually leans more toward the indica side, however there are phenotypes out there that are slightly sativa dominant. I've tried both and the difference was negligible. Any cross or cut with OG Kush in the lineage is likely to impress with its heavy hitting body buzz and euphoric mental high, its distinctively dank and skunky aroma, and its copious trichrome production. But Tahoe OG has earned itself additional prestige for its good breeding and remarkably consistent excellence. Reputed to be a perfected version of the "godfather of all strains" OG Kush, Tahoe OG does not disappoint.

Looks and Smell

The appearance to the naked eye will definitely catch your attention. The plants grow to a nice, manageable, medium height with quite slender indica-like leaves and roundish buds. As they mature, the dark green buds begin to lighten and take on an orange to brown hue. The nugs themselves have overly large, bright green, trichrome laden calyxes with dark green trichrome covered leaves that are almost a shame to cut off—or make for some damn good shake I'm sure. Although not overly hairy, there are patches of brick red to orange pistils here and there. The nug structure is more akin to an indica than a sativa, with medium sized, very dense buds with large, swollen looking calyxes, which is one of the noticeable traits of a true OG Kush. Tahoe OG has an especially pungent aroma, with all the lemon zest, lemon pledge, skunky fuel, OG earthiness and pine that you would hope for with an OG crossed with another OG. Incredibly potent smell, definitely a double, dare I say triple bagger if you plan on road tripping with this strain.

The Smoke

The taste on inhale can only be described as perfect. Lemon, pine, fuel, and a distinct earthiness, they’re all there and the flavors linger on the palate for quite some time. Be ready for a smoke that is going to expand. The taste on the exhale is quite similar with more of a fuel and that classic earthy OG taste. Once smoked, heavy cerebral relaxation is felt mostly in the front of the temple area and behind the eyes. Muscle relaxation, anti-anxiety, and positive mood enhancement are all wrapped up in strong feelings of warmth that cover the body like a blanket from head to toe. It is definitely a full-bodied experience that many say promotes creativity, but hey, if you call lying around playing video games all day "creative," then I would have to agree.


5/5 Nugs

Tahoe OG is similar to the likes of Fire OGLarry OGand SFV OG, but yet distinctly different and unique at the same time. The Tahoe OG strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, however witnessing both, the strain seems to flourish and thrive on a whole other level when grown properly hydroponically (typically indoor hydro grows produce 10% higher THC levels). Speaking of THC levels, a good Tahoe OG will be in the 20%+ THC range. This is part of the reason that Tahoe OG is one of the most recommended strains for people who suffer from sleep and insomnia issues. Also, medicinally Tahoe OG has been proven useful for muscle pain and spasms, mood enhancement, and as a powerful anti-anxiety aid. Although recommended as a sleep aid to some degree, don't get it twisted—this is an all day strain. With pretty much a 50/50 indica/sativa balance and a consistent 3-hour lasting high, you get the best of both worlds, making it a perfect choice to begin, re-energize, or even end the day.

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