Travel Joint Strain Review

Travel Joint Strain Review

(Green Life Products)

Form: Flower

Strain: Travel Joint

Grower: Green Life Products

Dispensary:  Oasis Medical Cannabis

60/40 Indica

‪‎Appears: 4.5        Euphoria: Low        Aroma: 4.5                   

Relaxed: High        Taste: 4.0        Uplifted: Low

Potency: 4.0        Creative: Low        Effect: 4.0

Happiness: Med        Duration: 4.0        Munchies: Med

Price: 3.0        Dry Eyes: Low
        Dry Mouth: Low

Anxiousness: None         Overall: 28/35

 THC – 28.5%

CBD – 0.0%

Caryophyllene – 1.57 mg/g

Limonene – 4.39 mg/g

Appearance – This is a really nice appearance, a little darker in color. Deep brown pistil hairs are crawling all over this beautiful strain. Tightly packed crystals with almost entirely clear heads cover this beautiful flower. This has batch has kept its moisture really well and would be a prime candidate for a bong. (Where’s Jelly Bob?!) That sticky, danky, bong weed that just burns and burns and burns!

Aroma – The smell coming out of the jar is quite potent and complex. There are a number of smells with the most prominent being the danky smell of earth. Sweet is another easily noticed smell and I can also smell citrus, a touch of spice and even some pine. This is a fragrant smell that is not overly pungent. I am being picky here but these aren’t my favorite smells, I tend to prefer the brighter smells of citrus and pine.

Taste – Taste is good with a smooth smoke that is mostly of sweet, earthy dankness.

Potency – The potency is also good, but this is not something that’s going to take you to the moon. The effect has a lot to do with this, as this is a more mellow strain it’s hard to blast off.

Effect – This is more of a mellow strain. This isn’t going to take you to the greatest heights (but not everyone wants that anyway), but this will help mellow you right out and level out your day. If you’re looking for a strain to relax and watch TV or a movie, this would be a great strain for you. If you’re someone that’s looking to relax after work or play some video games, this is also going to be right up your alley.

Duration – Slightly longer than normal duration.

Price – This is a strain that you can NOT find in Vegas right now! I am guessing that their second cycle should be coming through soon. The price was pretty standard!

Overall –  This is what I think of when I think of bong weed.

The good – The duration.

The bad – If I had to nit-pick here, I would say the price was a little on the high side.

The amazing – This is an amazing effect if you’re looking for a quality, indica-heavy hybrid.

Final score: B+

Final comment – Quality weed! Tasty with a great aroma and flavor. If you’re a fan of Indica heavy hybrids, you’ll LOVE this strain!

Good for – Relaxing, Anxiety, Chillaxing, Watching movies, Playing video games