Vegan THC Pills Review

Vegan THC Pills Review

Form: Vegan THC Pills

Processor: Evergreen Organix (EGO)

Dispensary: Essence Vegas

THC –  64mg

CBD – 0.3mg

Taste: 4/5        
‪‎Potency: 5/5        
‪‎Effect: 4.5/5

Duration: 4/5        Price: 2.5/5        Overall: 20/25

Taste – These are pills, so they are super easy to take and have nearly zero taste. Though for some people that will be their downfall, as they don’t have any taste and some people enjoy eating edibles for their flavors and tastes (ie: cookies, cakes, candy, and so on).

Potency – This was the perfect amount of potency. This got me as lifted as I can get without feeling uncomfortable. I took all four 16 mg pills for a total of 64 mg and I might as well have taken a rocket ship to the moon. Fortunately, I feel comfortable on the moon and if these pills had much more gas I might have shot into outer space. These are not for the faint of heart!

Effect – This was such a fantastic ride! The feelings of happiness are strong throughout and this is the type of stone that makes you feel like everything is right with the world. These are SUPER relaxing and are really great for numbing physical pain. Not only do you feel relaxed and happy, but this is not overly sedative.

Duration – This was a solid ride for four hours and didn’t really start to wear off until 5-6 hours after taking the pills.

Price – I feel that $28 is a little on the expensive side for 4 pills or 64 mg. I understand that this is a supply and demand market and I would actually buy these again before buying a 100mg chocolate bar from another manufacturer.

Overall –  I honestly feel like I can’t say enough good about these. I would have to be nitpicking here to find anything wrong. The stone was a smooth transition up and down and it wasn’t too racey like I have experienced with other edibles. Though these are a little too pricey, I understand why they are as expensive as they are (only Evergreen is making these pills and they could probably be much more expensive and they would still sell). Great effect for anyone looking to relax and mellow out.

The Good: The effect on these is really great! Super happy to the point of getting the giggles. Super relaxing and great for pain without being overly sedative.

The Bad: I can’t really nail anything down that is bad about these!

The Excellent: This was a perfect potency for me. I usually take between 40-60mg and this 64mg I took was absolutely perfect.

Final Grade: A

Good for – Pain, Relaxation, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Pain