Chocolate Thai Kief Coconut Sugar

Chocolate Thai Kief Coconut Sugar

Two words, Coconut Sugar. After dipping my finger into the baggie full of off white powder, I instantly felt like the character George Jung from the movie "Blow". I gently touched my finger tip to my tongue and instantly basked in the flavor of sweet coconut melting into my mouth. When combined with Chocolate Thai Kief, the flavors of chocolate and coconut swirl about your mouth in a beautiful dance. Enjoy anywhere that requires a little sprinkling of this delicious fairy dust. 


Mise en place:

4 ounces Coconut Sugar
4-8 grams Chocolate Thai decarboxylized kief


Using the back of the spoon, work the amount of kief you desire into the sugar by pressing and pulling the spoon across the sugar on a sheet pan. Keep doing this until the kief becomes distributed throughout the sugar. You can also use the edge of the spoon to cut the kief into the sugar in addition to the back of the spoon. Want a simple method? Then add this mixture to a food processor and pulse until the kief is evenly distributed. It is now ready to be stored in an air tight glass container and to be used in any culinary application. Be sure to store your Chocolate Thai Coconut Sugar in a cool dark place. Enjoy!