ACLU: Mom Says 'My 5-Year-Old's Seizures Were Finally Controlled by Medical Marijuana'

ACLU: Mom Says 'My 5-Year-Old's Seizures Were Finally Controlled by Medical Marijuana'

The parents of Zander Welton, pictured, are suing the state of Arizona for access to therapeutic marijuana extracts. (via ACLU)

From the American Civil Liberties Union in Arizona Tuesday, by Jennifer Welton, an Arizona mother:
"My five-year-old son Zander has had two brain surgeries. During each, doctors removed portions of his brain. The second surgery had a long recovery time because of the muscle loss that he suffered after being bedridden for weeks. It caused an infection that caused him to be on IV antibiotics at home. It took months before he could walk again.
Our hope was that these surgeries would stop the violent seizures my son has suffered from since he was nine months old – seizures so intense that Zander would sometimes stop breathing. These seizures have also severely slowed his development.
These surgeries didn't help. Neither did the many strong pharmaceutical drugs we tried which did little to help and often had harmful side effects. For years, my husband and I watched our tiny son bravely try treatment after treatment to try to ease the pain and danger of his severe epilepsy. And we have seen these treatments fail.
But recently, Zander is walking backwards for the first time. He lights up when he sees us laugh and responds with laughter of his own. He held a fork for the first time. He's sleeping through the night, and his seizures have all but stopped.
After all the invasive surgeries and harsh pharmaceuticals, the thing that finally helped my son is medical marijuana, both an extract in the form of an oil and dried plant material. ..."
The Zanders are suing Arizona for access to medical marijuana extracts.