Are Mothers Who Use Medical Marijuana During Pregnancy Hurting Their Babies?

Are Mothers Who Use Medical Marijuana During Pregnancy Hurting Their Babies?


Should mothers be able to consume medical marijuana during pregnancy? It is a long-standing question, especially since it was learned what kind of damage tobacco can do to a fetus. Can cannabis do the same kind of damage?

The subject usually pops up in the news whenever a mother gets in trouble and gets her newborn taken away for using cannabis while she is pregnant, such as what happened to Hollie Sanford in Cleveland, Ohio, in September of this year. Hollie was eventually reunited with her child, but the whole event was an unnecessary intrusion into their lives.

Hollie says she decided after research that cannabis was a safer alternative to treat her pain and morning sickness than the prescription painkillers doctors tried to give her. She also says it’s something she did during both of her pregnancies.

While different studies have shown different results (the studies don’t account for other environmental factors) when it comes to pregnancy and cannabis, common sense would dictate that sipping cannabis-infused tea — as Hollie did — is much safer than taking Percocets while you’re 8 months pregnant.

As the laws surrounding marijuana relax, more studies will be done, as well as better ones. The safest ways to administer medical cannabis to pregnant women will be found, and the stigma of the supposed danger of marijuana will be reduced.

Can doctors really pretend to care about the health of unborn babies when they prescribe all manners of narcotics to their mothers? Isn’t it important to find safer ways for pregnant women to treat their pain?

It should take a lot for a child to be taken from their mother, especially a newborn. There is no more important part in a child’s development than the beginning. Shouldn’t authorities be sure the child is in actual danger before resorting to extreme measures?