California Lawmakers Approve In-State Medical Marijuana Research

California Lawmakers Approve In-State Medical Marijuana Research

Due to new regulations passed Wednesday by the California State Legislature, researchers in the Golden State will now have access to the highest-grade medical marijuana.

Currently the only federally sanctioned marijuana research occurs at the government’s one-and-only research farm at the University of Mississippi. For anyone who’s ever scored weed in the south, I think we can all agree California’s grade-A greens will far surpass the quality of whatever shake they’re able to grow at Ole Miss.

These new research regulations are part of Assembly Bill 1575, which caused commotion and controversy when it passed the State Assembly due to its increased imposed regulations of California’s long-unrestricted medical marijuana market. The bill will now head to the California State Senate.

Under AB 1575, California researches may now study up to 8 ounces of cannabis if the research institution provides a licensed medical marijuana dispensary with written authorization to be kept on file for three years. The bill says it is “not a violation of state law or local ordinance or regulation for a business or research institution with state authorization to engage in the research of medical cannabis used for the medical purposes.”

Though AB 1575 has many elements that those in the industry see as over-regulation, this blatant rewriting of idiotic federal law is another example of a state government shedding prohibition’s ignorance and taking logical steps towards research, legalization and regulation.