Colorado Board of Health to Veterans: [email protected]*% Off

Colorado Board of Health to Veterans: F Off

U.S. veterans are revered by the people of this country for good reason. They make sacrifices that most people can’t even imagine. They are sent to wars started for dubious reasons where the native people want to kill them for invading their country. They spend days at a time on full alert, adrenaline pumping. They see their friends blown to bits and many of them lose limbs themselves. They are told when they leave that they are protecting our country and that they will be honored when they return.

But once many of these veterans do come home, reality sets in. They can’t sleep because of the nightmares; they can’t function after what they have been through. Many of them commit suicide. They are treated like crap by the VA, facing delays and bureaucracy when it comes to their health care. And on top of it all, they are told they are criminals if they dare smoke a joint to relieve any of their suffering.

If these facts aren’t bad enough, when government agencies are handed an opportunity to right a wrong, they basically stick up their middle finger to our veterans and tell them to go pound sand.

Take the Colorado Board of Health, for example. A simple vote could have allowed veterans access to medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, medical marijuana that has been legal in Colorado for over a decade. Even the state’s chief medical officer was in favor of the idea. So what did the board do? They voted 6-2 to not allow medical cannabis for those suffering from PTSD, citing a lack of research as their excuse.

They listened to the pleas of men and women who sacrificed much for this country, men and women who are suffering greatly. Then they told them to [email protected]*% off.

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