Could Medical Marijuana Users Become Addicted?

Medical Marijuana Increases Addiction?

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune poses the question, "Could medical marijuana users become addicted to pot?" I am here to tell you no, idiot, medical marijuana poses the same threat to your addiction-prone self as "turning into an absolute monster" when forgoing a morning meditation and your post-savasana acai bowl breakfast. Addiction is defined as the compulsion to engage in rewarding stimuli, often while forsaking responsibilities like work, relationships, and even one's health. 

Addiction is always a hot topic when talking about marijuana reform because dissenters grasp at shit excuses as a basis for opinion. Illinois has made painstaking progress towards legalizing medical marijuana so it is only natural that we eventually hear some ridiculous story opposing it. Without fail, the Tribune managed to find a clinically depressed man that used marijuana to medicate. He found himself in a dark, downward spiral often going "days without going home, showering or eating much besides potato chips."

Big surprise here folks: this man, Joseph, found that while he had always been under the impression that marijuana alleviates anxiety, instead smoking "made it that much worse." Joseph went on to stop smoking weed only for school finals, and then "relapsing" into a heavy smoking regime and was forced to get clean through a 12-step program. Holy shit, people. If any of what I just recounted constitutes as a compelling story, I might be about to blow your mind.

Marijuana can cure cancer. Marijuana can also cause the munchies — complete invalidity may result. Marijuana is a blessed flower that has a multitude of applications, many of which we do not completely understand, but is becoming more and more ingratiated in our lives because of all of its fantastic properties. Marijuana varies quite a bit even in itself. It can lock you in your couch or bring on a set of never-ending giggles. Realize that and then consider the multitude of reactions that folks have to the rest of the substances they imbibe. 

While an incredible plant that treats an extensive list of ailments while simultaneously useful in many industrial applications, marijuana is not a one-size-fits-all cure to everything. Like all things in life, it is only your own duty to educate yourself about its use and safely determine how it affects you.