DEA Reduces Restrictions on CBD Research

DEA Reduces CBD Research Restrictions

A small win is still a win. I would go so far as to count it double when regarding the DEA — what with a chief that plays with our hearts, going so far as to say that weed is not as harmful as heroin but then calling medical marijuana a joke. People did not take kindly to that last bit of sentiment and have been calling for Chuck Rosenberg's resignation. There is not much to report on the progress of that petition after getting delivered a month ago, but there might be some interesting developments within the agency otherwise. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration has resolved a minor stopgap in the research of cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The cool thing about CBD is that because it contains less than one percent of THC, it doe not fall under the same guidelines or restrictions as a Schedule I drug

Now, when researchers find that they have run out of CBD or want to expand the scope of their study, they do not have to wait for additional and potentially time consuming approval. Instead, the 76 researchers already approved as a vetted recipient of the federal supply program can just order some more.

In other possibly very exciting news, in a take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt kind of way, SF Weekly reports that correspondence from the FDA to the DEA offers some help on the reclassification of marijuana:

"According to a letter from the Justice Department to Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer, obtained by's Tom Angell, the Food and Drug Administration — which would regulate weed if and when the magic plant ever becomes legal at the federal level — has given the DEA guidance on whether cannabis should be "reclassified under federal law.""

2016, marijuana reform is coming for ya!