Epileptic Children New 'Face of Cannabis'

Epileptic Children New 'Face of Cannabis'

Drug War supporters like to to say that cannabis needs to remain illegal to protect our children. They probably view the face of cannabis as a spaced-out stoner with a tie-dye t-shirt and toothy grin.

Photographer Nichole Montanez aims to change that perception with her photo project, "Face of Cannabis," a series of black and white portraits of children whose debilitating ailments could be properly treated with cannabis extracts high in CBD.

"No weed, no leaves, no smoke," Montanez says. "Just kids, that's it."

According to the Colorado Springs Independent, all of the children depicted are using or signed up to use Charlotte's Web, a medical cannabis extract named after its initial user, 7-year-old Charlotte Figi, the first child to use the oil with positive benefits. Charlotte is also included in the photo series.

Montanez was driven to take on the project because of her niece, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome.

"I'm not an activist — I'm just the aunt of a girl who has epilepsy," Montanez says.

View the entire series at faceofcannabis.wordpress.com