“Experts” Say Dabbing Is More Addictive and Dangerous?

“Experts” Say Dabbing is more Addictive and Dangerous?

Some questions arise from that headline, the foremost being: who are these “experts?” Are there “dabbing experts?” Maybe, but I seriously doubt they were contacted for this news article out of South Carolina.

Calling wax a “more dangerous” form of cannabis consumption is how the article starts out, before dropping the “experts warn” line twice in a five-paragraph story. No mention of who these “experts” are, or where we can find them.

The rest of the story focuses on how much more THC is contained is wax than in flowers, which is true. It’s also true that making concentrates indoors with butane can be a very dangerous and flammable thing to do. But the bulk of the story talks about how dangerous wax is and how much stronger it is than a regular joint, failing to mention the several other (safer) ways concentrates can be made.

The only dangers when it comes to concentrates are making it with butane or hanging off of a balcony after taking a couple of fat dabs; you still can’t overdose and die, even if your dab is 100% THC. But the article doesn’t mention that.

While I know this is a small article on a little news site in South Carolina, it did come up on the first page of a Google newsfeed search for the term “marijuana.” In any case, I think every piece of reefer madness that appears in the news should be refuted — especially ones that talk about “experts” that cannot be verified as such.

Luckily stories like this become less frequent as time goes on. Reefer madness is evolving into its own joke, not taken seriously by most people under the age of 60. One day it will be discussed the same way all ignorant oppression is: as a dark time in our nation’s history.