George Michael Goes to Marijuana Rehab

George Michael goes to Marijuana Rehab

’80s icon George Michael has a problem with pot.

The singer recently checked into a lavish rehabilitation center in Switzerland in order to treat his supposed 25 joint-per-day habit, reports the German publication Bild.

Michael’s decision comes after a string of drug-related incidents beginning in 2006, which include driving into a storefront and getting banned from driving twice, the International Business Times reports.

In a 2007 interview with BBC, Michael said that his cannabis habit was not “getting in the way of my life in any way.”

“I’m a happy man and I can afford my marijuana so that’s not a problem,” he told BBC.

Michael’s treatment at the Kusnacht Practice will cost a little over $112,000, where the next problem he’ll have is real drug addicts booing him.

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.