It's a Go for Operation Grow4Vets, Denver Veterans Receive Free Marijuana

It's a Go For Operation Grow4Vets,Denver  Vets to Get Free Marijuana

Most dispensaries around here at least have a "compassion day" usually on Wednesday where they either give out or sell at an extreme discount small amounts of marijuana to those who truly need it: the seriously medically ill, veterans, homeless, etc. Most of the time, this "compassion weed" is garbage, low-grade crap that the dispensary cannot get rid of, and it takes literally 10 joints to gain any positive effects. I recently have been struck by brilliance by developing a plan to where instead of law enforcement destroying confiscated "illegally grown" marijuana, it should be given to those with low income and serious ailments. Although not as good as my plan (of course), Denver—always a trailblazer in the cannabis scene—did something rare and really "compassionate." Denver and Operation Grow4Vets spent a good majority of last weekend giving out free marijuana to veterans who could really use the pot to ease their ailments.

The following is an excerpt from Newsday:

Hundreds of military veterans received free marijuana during a special giveaway in Denver designed to show that pot can help ease their pain.

Members of Operation Grow4Vets said the Saturday event aimed to offer veterans an alternative to prescription drugs to help with anxiety, pain and other problems. The organization also says it gave out 400 bags of marijuana-infused products at the Denver Cannabis Giveaway.

“We’re really here to help them with their medical conditions,” including post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, the group’s founder, Roger Martin, himself a veteran, told KDVR-TV. “There’s a wide variety of ailments. Anything that involves pain."