Let's Talk About Addiction

Let's Talk About Addiction

A few days ago, I went on a bitchy tirade about the scare tactics often utilized by legalization opposition, essentially calling out anti-reformers for their lack of education and their convenient use of a one-person study outlining the harrows of weed. In fact, we are all responsible for own education. 

That is what we are trying to do here. I pick a fun subject and attempt to put something thought-provoking together, teenager rants aside. You consume it and maybe share what you learned over a heated game of Settlers of Catan*, offering a concurring or dissenting opinion — which one doesn't matter — but, most importantly, sparking discussion. 

This dynamic and educational process is paramount when considering topics such as addiction — heavy and often polarizing subject matter — because even when you have long-held beliefs, something might come along that alters that perception. Marijuana addiction being a farce, which I likened to your need to consume Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING, is not an effect of chemical addiction. 

There is supposed addiction to all sorts of things. Mental illness as addiction to sex and video games are often "hot topics" portrayed in the media. What drives them? Think about commonly known beliefs regarding addiction to opiates or the nicotine in tobacco. Some of the most addictive substances on earth, right? Now consider that since the advent of nicotine patches, not even a fifth of cigarette smokers are able to quit. Or, that people laid up after surgery do not feel the need to score heroin despite using its synthetically-derived equivalent, diamorphine, for months. 

The difference between a daily marijuana user, cigarette smoker, heroin user, post-op, or stupid coffee-drink drinker is their circumstance and lifestyle, not the chemicals within their vice that is at work. Heroin junkies need jobs, love, and support to get off the stuff. Marijuana users generally already have fulfilling lives. 

Smoking more marijuana is not likely to send someone into a downward spiral given the acceptance of the excellent social environment it encourages. Legalization — of all drugs — is an important step in developing a positive atmosphere for addicts just by changing the way we talk about it

*We are not talking about it over Settlers because I do not want to trade for any of your fucking sheep.