Our Science Is Stronger Than Yours

Our Science is Stronger Than Yours

Those who oppose marijuana legalization like to lie. We all know it. Those of us who follow cannabis news see it every day. It’s really all they have. It’s how cannabis was made illegal in the first place and how it has stayed that way over the decades.

Many marijuana users may not know this name, but they should: Harry J. Anslinger. Go ahead, click his name and read some of the quotes. I’ll wait.

Did you see that? That’s the guy who got cannabis prohibited is an insane lying racist. A man either totally disconnected from reality or a man knowingly lying in an attempt to further his career. Most agree it was probably the latter, with a bit of the former thrown in to top off such a destructive individual.

In any case, that is the liar who started the whole thing, to be followed by many liars in the intervening decades. But things have changed. That change is the Internet.

For example, some researchers and doctors are coming out and saying that the public has been lied to about cannabis. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has centered a big part of his TV career around rectifying those lies. Now other scientists are calling out the lies surrounding cannabis and questioning what we have been told.

Research is the enemy of those who want to see cannabis stay illegal. Imagine if anyone would have went out and tried to verify the things that Harry Anslinger said. They would have seen no evidence whatsoever that he was correct and everyone would have moved on. But in the world of the 1930s, people believed what they heard or what they read in the newspaper.

This isn’t the 1930s and things are changing. Information is more widespread than ever and its sharing is instant. Cannabis laws are changing accordingly.