Pot for Cancer: Human Trials Begin

Pot for Cancer: Human Trials Begin
A California physician reports that human trials of a molecule in marijuana to treat cancer could be underway by next year, and European drug company GW Pharmaceuticals will also test Sativex as an add-on treatment for the common brain cancer glioblastoma, reports indicate.
Dr. Sean McAllister, of the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) tells Leaf Science human clinical trials of the marijuana molecule cannabidiol (CBD) to treat types of cancer need funding, now that the studies have been designed and approved. MCAllister found in 2007 that CBD switches off a protein key to breast cancer's spread, Id-1. The research builds on mountains of anecdotal evidence as well as work from cell and animal cultures.
“It takes a significant amount of time to run preclinical experiments,” Dr. McAllister tells Leaf Science. “You have to build a strong case for clinicians to agree to run clinical trials. We are there now.”

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