Replacing Pills with Marijuana

Replacing Pills with Marijuana

Many people who take pills don’t like them. They don’t like the way they make them feel, they don’t like the side effects and they don’t like the often lackluster results.

Most people take pills because they have no other choice. If they are in pain they know of no other option than taking a few Advil, or maybe something stronger if the pain is bad enough. They see their choices as take a pill or be in pain. Under those circumstances most people will choose the pill.

But there is another choice, and more and more people are learning about it every day. It’s cannabis. And as more people learn about cannabis, more are using it in place of the pills they thought they had to take.

There is a growing body of evidence that marijuana can be used in place of dangerous painkillers and even help people get away from pills and harder illegal drugs like heroin. Recent data has shown that overdose deaths have decreased considerably in states where people have legal access to medical marijuana.

The key is that those taking the pills need access to a choice. If they don’t know that there is something out there that is better, or if they can’t get it legally, they are sentenced to a life of dependence at best and outright misery and death at worst.

It’s a tough thing for some to wrap their head around; how can something they were told was dangerous help them more than something prescribed by their doctor? And since most doctors were never exposed to any positive information about cannabis during their schooling, they can give their patients little guidance on the medical properties of marijuana.

But times are changing. The truth cannot be kept at bay forever.