Study Finds Caffeine Makes You Crave More Weed

Study Finds Caffeine Makes You Crave More Weed

Scientists gave some spider monkeys a bunch of THC and caffeine in the name of research and found that drinking large amounts of coffee may make you crave more weed.

The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience and found that coffee can either increase or diminish highs, but consistently increases weed intake in subjects. Many people say using caffeine while high makes the experience as a whole more enjoyable, this could be because both caffeine and marijuana act increase dopamine in the brain, providing similar (ish) euphoric effects.

Scientists observed spider monkeys that were able to self-administer delta-9 THC, weed’s main active ingredient. They found that the monkeys chose to self-administer a higher amount of THC when given the chemical MSX-3, which mimics the effects of caffeine.

It makes sense to utilize the two substances — one energetic and one relaxing — to balance effects and find that perfect mix… But mostly I just really like the idea of a bunch of monkeys sitting around a coffee table, smoking joints and sipping lattes.